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D.W. Waterson is the non-binary/queer creator and director of the 6 million viewed, award-winning digital series THAT’S MY DJ (2015-2018). Waterson’s work has garnered a Canadian Screen-award Nomination, won 5 Best Director awards as well as Noteable’s 2017 Director of the Year award. D.W. is the creative force behind multiple series including the Crave Original THE D CUT (2020), CBC Gem’s DEVOUT +OUT (2019) and multiple music videos, directing for bands such as Caveboy, Princess Century, For Esmé and Featurette. D.W. was hand-selected by Idris Elba and his team to consult, shadow legendary producer/director Tristram Shapeero and to direct 2nd unit on the Netflix Original series TURN UP CHARLIE (2019).  D.W. also recently shadowed Stephanie Morgenstern on NBC’s Nurses (2020) and Clement Virgo on the Netflix Original series Grand Army (2020). Waterson is a CFC Director’s Lab alum and is signed to The Gersh Agency and Meridian Artists. 







ETalk – D.W. Waterson chats Idris Elba & ‘Turn Up Charlie’

D.W. Waterson chats with Tyrone Edwards about working with Idris Elba on his Netflix show ‘Turn Up Charlie’ SUBSCRIBE TO D.W. WATERSON’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL – Follow D.W.: Instagram: dw_waterson Twitter: @dw_waterson

Bringing women to the front with DJ and director D.W. Waterson | Inspired | Xtra

“What I really want to start putting forward is what it is like to be queer and modern … There are difficult aspects, but it’s not just trauma. There’s so much joy, there’s so much happiness, there’s so much love,” says Toronto DJ and director D.W. Waterson.

ET CANADA – Jade Hassouné & D.W. Waterson

Jade Hassouné & D.W. Waterson chat all things That’s My DJ & Canadian Screen Awards

Meet D.W. Waterson, the Canadian DJ tapped by Idris Elba to work on his new show | CBC Radio

An Ordinary Laundry Day Takes a Bizarre Turn in the Music Video for Princess Century’s “Metro”

Have you ever been doing your laundry on the weekend, dressed in your rattiest shirt, hair unwashed, when you spot your crush in the laundromat? Pretty embarrassing right? That’s the premise behind the music video for “Metro” by Princess Century, the solo electronic project of Toronto’s Maya Postepski, whose name you might recognize from her work in groups including Austra and TR UST.







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